8 ways to make your profile stand out

Published by Olmo on 2 February 2021

We believe it’s incredibly important to have a profile (or more) that really embody the identity of your accommodation. We at Coconut Travel Collective very much believe in the experience you offer and that this is the most important for you to bring across. However, how can that be done best?

1. USP’s, tell them what makes you special

We’ve provided you with the option to mention a maximum of 3 USP’s. These are Unique Selling Points, or in other words: what makes you special. What is the reason people should visit you and what did former guests enjoy the most.

Use this wise, it’s basically the first thing people read and it gives you the option to really stand out! Make sure people understand how you are different from that competing accommodation down the road.

2. Take your time – it’s worth it

This is a very general tip but this might be the most important of all 8 mentioned. The more time you invest in your profile, the more sales you will generate. It might indeed take you up to 2 hours, but it’s well worth it. We’ve seen so many profiles over the years that just lacked basically everything. Working with our platforms is not a quick win (well it is, after you’ve invested 2 hours of your time). We have made an enormous effort in building up this platform to make it as easy and efficient as possible for you to use.

Profiles that just do not match up to the standards are likely to not generate much sales and when remaining inactive for too long, they might be taken offline until the owner has made a new effort in getting the information and look and feel up to the standards.

3. Media: photo’s and video’s

A solid photo will say more than a thousand words. Let alone a video. This is something that still many people in this industry have a hesitating approach towards. But guys, please listen to us: it’s well worth it to invest in proper photo’s and video’s. It can generate you so much more exposure.

Take your time, it will pay off!

We have quite a network (international) of people that can well provide you with proper photo materials and some sick video’s (incl. drone shots). In case you’d like to know more, drop us an email.

4. Host – that personal touch

At all of our profiles, you can include a ‘Message from you Host’. This is a great way to make your profile more personal, something people very much like. Many of the platforms out there, just present the objective information, leaving the opportunity to create a mental connection with the potential client untouched.

5. Tell about the guests that visit you

We find it very important that people can read about the other guests that will likely visit your accommodation. You are more than welcome to describe the type of guests, along with the atmospehere and vibe for people to realize whether or not your accommodation would suit them (and vice versa, of course!)

6. The activities – what is there to do

Whether it’s about surfing, horsebackriding, hiking, your own skate ramp or that amazing city trip. Write it up! People might not always realise the fact that they can actually undertake activities at your accommodation, so there’s even more reasons in how you can surprise them. Do not leave this opportunity untouched!

7. How to get to your accommodation

Most of the accommodations we work with are not located in the big cities – thank God! However, this make people more hesitant when it comes to getting to your accommodation. We have provided you with sufficient ways of describing the transfers you provide (whether you do it yourself or hire a transfer company), explaining the public transport or informing your clients about the possibilities to park a car.

This is another great way of providing ‘free’ information that makes people value your accommodation more.

8. The packages you are selling

Last but not least, we work at the moment with the Bookinglayer software. You can basically connect any package you have with our channels so people can book everything you offer.

We do advice you to describe first your best-selling package (or the package you like us most to promote). Research has showed us that the first package displayed has been opted for most often.

Besides the order in which your packages are shown, also make sure that you’ve made it very clear what a pacakge all includes. Do you offer breakfast on a daily basis? Show it! Does it include a free sunset-surf tour? Write it down! This is a great way to make your packages extra appealing which will incresase the chances people will click on it (which is a first step for them to end up booking your accommodation).

Are you ready for your most beautiful booking-page?

We are sure that you will surely get more attention when following these basic steps. And all basically require the same: take your time, it will be well worth it!

We wish you an amazing Christmas and that 2020 may end well

Published by Olmo on 21 December 2020

This year hasn’t been easy to anyone. However, the year that’s ahead of us can only be better than this one. We at Coconut Travel Collective are well looking forward to the year that’s coming and we have a lot ahead of us.

On behalf of the entire team, including Hans and Olmo, we would like to wish you the very best for the end ot his year and we will be in touch with you soon!

Welcome partner, to Coconut Travel Collective!

Published by Olmo on 2 August 2020

Hola and welcome to Coconut Travel Collective

Welcome to our platform. Let this be the start of a great journey together! We truly believe in personal relationships and in case we haven’t met face to face or over a video-call, we are very much looking forward to getting to know you better. Coconut Travel Collective is different from your other sales-channels and we are proud and thankful for your trust in us.

Through our platforms, including Errant Surf and SurfaWhile, we generate bookings for surf camps, yoga retreats, co-living spaces and many more types of accommodations. Throughout the years, we have established many new friendships with our partners and it’s our goal to visit every accommodation we work with. Yes, even if you’re located on Hawaii!

”SurfaWhile has become a partner and family member of the entire Gota team!”

Ricardo Carvalho, Gota Dagua Surf House – Portugal

You can always get in touch with us and we are happy to help. We truly believe we are much more than just a platform that generates you bookings. To us, work should be fun and working closely with other fun people certainly is part of that.

Thank you very much and to an amazing partnership!

Olmo & Hans and the rest of the CTC-team!