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What are the benefits for you to work with us?


What are the benefits for you to work with us?

Having your accommodation published on one (or more) of our platforms is going to provide you with several benefits. Because to us, a collaboration only is worth it, if it’s profitable to both you and ourselves. We’ve listed the most important benefits of working with us below

From our Amsterdam-based office, our team is ready at all times to assist you

1. we sell packages

Over the years we became specialists in promoting and selling packages. Whether it’s for surf accommodations or yoga retreats (among other accomodations offering an experience, besides the sleeping), our guests always show up with a booking that includes more than just sleeping. With all partners, the total sales value of our guests is higher compared to the direct sales our partners receive

2. we are experts

We believe that to both parties (the guests as well as the accommodation) it’s a vitality that there’s a match in terms of interests and offering. Therefore we’ve focussed our platforms fully around the possibilities of bringing across the experience the accommodations offer. Over the years, we’ve gained a thorough understanding of the things people want to know when booking their holidays

Besides the information provided by the partners, we have an extensive knowledge on the products that are being offered across our platforms ourselves. Whether it’s about ktiesurfing, yoga or regular surfing (among several other topics), our team knows what they are talking about

3. the personal relation matters to us – a lot!

From many of our partners, we’ve heard that they feel like just a tiny component in a larger entirety when regarding other sales-platforms they work with. We really like to work on a rather personal basis. We are not the type of company that will reach up to a 1000 different partners. We much rather have a fairly smaller sized network of partners, with whom we all maintain a solid, professional, personal but fun relationship

4. your name is out there

We believe in transparancy and therefore all our partners are being mentioned by name on our platforms. We do not make use of any construction where it’s unclear to the booker what they are actually booking. Your name and location will be openly communicated

5. get additional sales

The sales you will generate through our platforms are normally additional bookings. These are bookings – as we’ve noticed – of clients you would normally not reach using your own channels. Therefore, clients you get through us are all additional revenue to you and your business, easily justifying the commission you will be paying for that

6. increase your presence on specific markets

Originally we’ve started our business on the Dutch-speaking market (the Netherlands and about 50% of Belgium). Up until today this still is one of our strongest markets. It won’t surprise you that the Dutch and Belgians really are into surfing and are into traveling, making them rather interesting potential clients. Other markets where we are well experienced are the UK-market and several regions of Scandinavia

7. a large social media reach

When combining our social media channels, incl. the Facebook of Errant Surf, the Instagram of SurfaWhile among others, as well as the email addresses we’ve gathered over the year, we proudly can say we can reach out to a community of about 50.000 people. And this will help your organization too, as it enables us in several ways to market the experience you are offering. And that’s going to get you bookings, for sure


Co-founder of SurfaWhile, with a passion for travel, surf, cooking, salsa, football and meeting new and interesting people.

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