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Why our platforms are the ones you want to work with


Why our platforms are the ones you want to work with

We, Coconut Travel Collective, are on a mission and we believe that you should want to be part of it. In this article we tell you why.

1. we operate several platforms

Coconut Travel is mostly known because of our platforms Errant Surf and SurfaWhile. But there’s much more to come. It’s our goal to have a customer book the accommodation or experience that best fits their needs, wants and wishes. However, in reverse the match also should be present. We fully believe that an accommodation can operate in it’s best possible fashion if the clients that are visiting are the right ones.

Our mission is to find that perfect match between a customer and an accommodation – for both parties

Coconut Travel Collective

Therefore we are making use of several websites and overview pages, all focused on certain niches. In that way, people will get a much better understanding of what is going on and what the experience to be expected is going to be like.

2. we help you in having the best possible profile

We have always believed in the principle of having the most beautiful shop, people will stop anyway and come in to buy. We find it truly important that all pages on our platforms look beautiful, sexy and are consistent. And we are here to help you in achieving your own version of it.

To us – as we know – it’s most important that you bring across the experience you are offering at your accommodation. Almost all accommodations that are represented through our platforms offer an experience. However, through other booking channels used, that experience remains rather unexposed. And that’s where we distinguish ourselves from the rest.

As soon as you are signed up to our platform, you can access our internal system where you will find many tips on how to make your profile stand out!

It is in our interest that your own page(s) is going to look nice – of course – but we also want it for you. We are not interested in getting up accommodations that aren’t looking pretty and aren’t going to sell. If that’s the case, the collaboration is likely not going to be as much fun as when the sales are actually skyrocketing – and that’s in the end what matters most in life – right – to have fun?!

3. how can I sign up to your profiles?

We are very excited that you are still reading and we are looking forward to exploring the options of working together. A first step would be leaving your details at our Register your Accommodation-page. We will get in touch with you in order to explain the next steps


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